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Empowering local communities to unlock Malawi’s potential as a center for wellness, learning and innovation.


Malawi, the “Warm Heart of Africa”, is a beautiful and welcoming country, marred by great need –
its people lack access to medical care, education, and opportunity:

In the face of these challenges, the Miracle for Africa Foundation grew in partnership with local communities, dedicated to unlocking the potential of the Malawian people to be the drivers of sustainable growth and change in their country.


We envision a future without poverty in Malawi. A future in which the sick are treated. The curious are educated. The hungry can eat. The diligent can provide a home and happy life for their families.

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Despite the obstacles, Malawi is a country of great promise, and we are committed to fulfilling that promise by partnering with local communities to drive change in three key areas:

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For 10 years, Miracle for Africa has been driven by compassion, partnership and faith to grow Malawi’s health, agricultural, and educational systems. We hope you share our ambitious vision for a healthier, more prosperous nation.

Help transform lives and create a brighter future for Malawi – and for all of Sub-Saharan Africa – by standing with Miracle for Africa today.