Dr. Sue Makin with the VIA team
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Stopping Malawi’s Silent Killer of Women: VIA Days

A Special Report from Dr. Sue Makin Thursdays are special days here at Daeyang Luke Hospital. They are our “VIA days”. VIA (short for visual inspection of the cervix with acetic acid” is a screening test used to prevent the most common cancer in women in Malawi, cervical cancer. Tackling cervical cancer is one of the major battles in women’s health in Malawi, and one that we at the Miracle…
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Volunteer Task Force Takes Charge

Thoughts and Reflections from Teresa Huang, Office of Development and Partnerships In March, the Miracle for Africa Foundation launched a review of inventory for its Daeyang Luke Hospital. Happily, this came on the heels of a recent medical donation from the Medical Benevolence Foundation, resulting from our partnership. Our shelves were well stocked! But as we went through this process, one question came to my mind. Do we know what…
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Better Health in Malawi: Partnership with Medical Benevolence Foundation

Communities in and around Lilongwe benefit greatly from the free medical services provided by the Miracle for Africa Foundation. In fact, our Hospital Director Dr. Douglas Lungu stated that we serve over 200,000 people every month. Before, poor access to care corresponded to poor health in Malawi for those living on the margins of society. Over the past decade, the Miracle for Africa Foundation has provided a great relief to…
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Improving Our Hospital Management

An Update from Dr. James Barnacle Managing the drug supply of a hospital in Malawi can be very challenging, which is a key part of overall hospital management. Often, the drugs available for us to order will change, or they may become unavailable with little to no notice. We can seek drug donations or use gifts from generous donors to get the necessary treatment for our patients, but this too…
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Hospital Technology Grows at Daeyang Luke

Order Communication Systems or OCS have been a critical piece of hospital technology in developed countries for a long time. But in Malawi, we haven’t been able to take advantage of such computer systems until much more recently. Today, we even get to benefit from OCS at Daeyang Luke Hospital! The OCS is used to enter diagnostic and therapeutic patient care orders in both the radiology and laboratory departments. Once…
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Chairman’s Corner: The Future of Health in Malawi

An Update from Chairman Y.K. Chung The work of the Miracle for Africa Foundation is one of the greatest joys in my life. It all started with gathering dedicated people and philanthropic resources to elevate health in Malawi. Through our Daeyang Luke Hospital, we have been providing medical services to approximately 150,000 patients and overseen births of more than 2,000 infants every year since 2008. A decade later, we are…
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