Better Health in Malawi: Partnership with Medical Benevolence Foundation

Communities in and around Lilongwe benefit greatly from the free medical services provided by the Miracle for Africa Foundation. In fact, our Hospital Director Dr. Douglas Lungu stated that we serve over 200,000 people every month. Before, poor access to care corresponded to poor health in Malawi for those living on the margins of society. Over the past decade, the Miracle for Africa Foundation has provided a great relief to many of these needy Malawians.

But we need to do more. Currently, the doctor-patient ratio is still 1 to 10,000, and the majority of Malawians in rural areas cannot access quality health care. This requires us come together, join our hands in partnership, and do more to bring hope to people in Malawi. It is possible for us build better health care to Malawians in poverty. And, we are excited to share a new initiative that will move towards just that.

Even Greater Advances for Health in Malawi

Building from our decade of work, Miracle for Africa Foundation Chairman Y.K Chung has a vision of having every Malawian receiving proper health treatment and care. That’s why we seek to partner with other organizations who share this passion and vision. To that end, we are excited to announce a Memorandum of Understanding with the Medical Benevolence Foundation. This partnership will be an incredible addition to a vision of health in Malawi!

Our work together will cover many areas, including:

  • Providing medical equipment.
  • Increasing pharmaceuticals and medicines at Daeyang Luke Hospital.
  • Capacity building and training for health workers.

The partnership will also assist in the accreditation process with The Council for Health Service Accreditation in Southern Africa for our Daeyang Luke Hospital, which is an essential element for our transparency and accountability to health facilities standards on the continent. In addition, from this collaboration, we will grow a surgical residency training program with The Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons to respond to the urgent need for surgeons in Africa.

All these initiatives will contribute towards increased access and improved delivery of health in Malawi, and we are incredibly proud of this new partnership. We look forward to many great stories to come!