Hospital Technology Grows at Daeyang Luke

Order Communication Systems or OCS have been a critical piece of hospital technology in developed countries for a long time. But in Malawi, we haven’t been able to take advantage of such computer systems until much more recently. Today, we even get to benefit from OCS at Daeyang Luke Hospital!

The OCS is used to enter diagnostic and therapeutic patient care orders in both the radiology and laboratory departments. Once they go into the system, teams can view results on the Internet, leading to incredibly benefits. Clinician ordering patterns can improve in speed and efficiency. Prescriptions can go entirely paperless. Clinicians can make the most of their time because communications between departments are supported. This means we can spend precious extra moments with the people who matter most: our patients!

HIPOCRATES software supports our OCS, which adds enhanced benefits. This hospital technology contains patient’s medical history, some signs and symptoms that a clinician can select in the system, and a pool of potential diseases that a clinician may want to consider. HIPOCRATES includes further features:

  • Therapeutic and prognostic factors, like appropriate treatment options.
  • Patient-related factors like demographic data.
  • Patient preferences, customized to both the individual clinician and healthcare plans.

The Process

Imagine that you are a patient at Daeyang Luke Hospital. When you arrive, the hospital reception immediately registers you in the system. From this point on, the OCS tracks you and our staff can enter necessary details in your record!

So, picture that you, the patient, are seated with your clinician in a consultation room. With just a few keystrokes and with conversation flowing, your clinician can order necessary tests and prescriptions. This means you can continue to ask questions and make sure you know exactly what your next steps are. Even better, your next steps can go even faster — because staff are already processing requests before you have left your clinician’s side.

Of course, it is more than just your clinician. This means laboratory technicians, pharmacists, cashiers — everyone at Daeyang Luke Hospital — will have immediate access to urgent details as you move through the hospital system. This hospital technology is the vital addition to our infrastructure that will simplify the work of our staff and improve the experience of our patients.

Developed country hospital technology has continued to advance. Now, the OCS now has a computerized decision support system that supports clinical decision-making. While we aren’t there yet, the Miracle for Africa Foundation is committed to laying a strong foundation so we can improve these systems as our resources grow.