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History of the Organization

Miracle for Africa began with the commitment of a single nurse, Sister Baek, who moved from South Korea to the African continent in 1990. As Sister Baek’s experience on the continent grew, she began providing care to rural communities through a mobile clinic. With time, she created a stationary clinic, kindergarten, and primary school to best serve the Malawian locals.

Her work was not without its challenges. She recalls babies dying in her arms due to what should have been curable ailments – dehydration, malnutrition, and malaria – if she only had the resources to save them.

Proper facilities and trained professionals were imperative to address the root of these problems. After meeting Mr. Y.K. Chung, a committed philanthropist from South Korea, the two partnered to build out the clinic, which because Daeyang Luke Hospital. Together, they recruited the top surgeon in the country, Dr. Douglas Lungu, to lead the hospital and expand medical teaching capacities for the next generation of doctors and nurses.

Mr. You Keun Chung

Mr. You Keun Chung is the Founder and Chairman of the Miracle for Africa Foundation, having established the organization in 2008 with an investment in the 200-bed Daeyang Luke Hospital. Mr. Chung is a longtime philanthropist, having donated a law library to his alma mater and founding an orphanage in his home country of South Korea. Mr. Chung is guided by his faith as a presbyter of the Presbyterian Church, but eager to unite philanthropy and social change efforts across all religions. Prior to founding the Foundation, Mr. Chung graduated from Korea University in the field of law, going on to pass the highest national examination for civil service in 1971. He served as a senior government official in the shipping, logistics and transportation fields for 15 years. From 1986, he worked as a senior executive in the Hanwha Group, later founding his own Daeyang Shipping Company in 1992.

Dr. Douglas Lungu

Dr. Douglas Lungu, MBBS, FCS, is currently the Director and Chief Surgical Specialist of the Daeyang Luke Hospital, as well as Vice Chancellor of Daeyang University. He formerly served as the director of Ekwendeni Hospital, Malawi, and spearheaded many HIV-related programs in the northern region of the country. Dr. Lungu served as the Director of Clinical Services in the Ministry of Health and led the establishment of the first college for registered nurses, operated under the umbrella of the Christian Health Association of Malawi. He is a founding member and President of the Society of Medical Doctors, which aims to encourage professionalism within the medical fraternity. Dr. Lungu has extensive clinical and administrative experience at all levels of the health sector in Malawi, and his experience spans healthcare provision throughout the public and private sectors. His background includes oversight for policy decisions and resource allocation at the national level. Dr. Lungu received medical training from the University of Malawi, University of Cape Town and St. Andrew’s University, and he is a Founding Fellow of the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa and a Fellow of the College of Surgeons of South Africa.

Ms. Young Sim Baek

Sr. Young Sim Baek is the Mission Director and Trustee of the Miracle for Africa Foundation. She graduated from Jeju Nursing College, Korea in 1984. After graduation, she worked at the Korea University Hospital, departing in 1990 to establish a mobile clinic to serve remote regions in Malawi, Kenya and South Africa. Throughout this time, Sister Baek was committed to her vision of a permanent hospital, expanded training opportunities for medical professionals and community-centered service. With the support of Mr. Chung, Sister Baek led the design and construction of Daeyang Luke Hospital and University. She was a recipient of Florence Nightingale Medal from the International Committee of the Red Cross in 2013, in recognition of her contributions in the fields of public health and nursing education.

Dr. Mary Sue Makin

Dr. Mary Sue Makin, a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist, has served as a medical missionary with the Presbyterian Church (USA) for 8 years in the Democratic Republic of Congo and for 14 years in Malawi. Since 2014, she has worked at the Daeyang Luke Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Florida, graduating in 1983. Her post-graduate training was at the Louisiana State University College of Medicine. Dr. Makin’s greatest joy is caring for Malawian women and their families, and she has special interest in training Malawian nurses and doctors. Through this work, she aims to elevate maternal health in the country, thereby contributing to improved rates of maternal mortality. Dr. Makin is likewise active in promoting services to prevent cancer of the cervix, which is the most common cancer in women in Malawi.

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