More than 80% of Malawians live in rural areas, dependent on agriculture for work and subsistence.

The fate of millions lies in a precarious balance dependent on volatile weather and commodities systems. As our team learned of the central role that food plays in the country’s livelihoods as well as nutrition, we determined it was essential to focus on this pillar of development.

Tackling the challenges of the agricultural sector is critical to empowerment, economic growth, alleviating poverty, and strengthening nutrition and food security.

OUR GOAL: Grow the amount of land under cultivation from 1.2% to 5%, and add crop variety to keep farmland productive year-round. We have 870 hectares of land on which to test, research, and make this vision a reality.

Our agriculture laboratory, currently in development, will enable research and development, and informed decision-making around crop selection, soil health, and farming methods.

Our work with the government aims to lower market barriers for producers, and supports policies that establish Malawi as the breadbasket of Southern Africa.

Our practice farm allows families and students to gain hands-on experience in new farming methods.

Through these initiatives, Miracle for Africa will strengthen traditional livelihoods and fortify nutrition, and ultimately improve the well-being of the Malawian people.