Education through post-secondary training bolsters local capacity and drives growth and innovation.

The Malawian population confronts decreased economic potential stemming from limited education opportunity. Our team is changing that with Daeyang University, where post-secondary training in health and high-impact 21st century industries contribute to increased human capacity and drive local growth.

In 2010, we began our work to strengthen job opportunities while bolstering the overall health system with our nursing school. Since then, we have graduated 90 nurses who are currently working throughout Malawi. With 300 current students enrolled and more enrolling each year, we are building Malawi’s nursing capacity from the ground up, while we simultaneously expand courses of study in medicine and ICT.

OUR GOAL: Train 10,000 students across all of our programs by 2030, equipping bright young minds with the tools and knowledge they need to drive development for generations.

We are training doctors in high-need specializations in demand across the country and continent.

We are training students in high-growth specialties, including information and communications technology.

To drive local innovation, we are providing scholarships for students who commit to working in Malawi after graduating.

Daeyang Central Library

At the center of the campus will sit a 66,000 square foot solar-powered library designed by world-renowned architect Steven Holl. Driven by Malawian art, culture, and landscape, this emblematic building will be the centerpiece of the campus – itself inspired by Malawian batik artistry. It will become a statement piece of architecture on the continent, acting as a haven for community members to gather and learn together.

The free library will have miles of stacks, meeting rooms, quiet areas for studying, and archival storage spaces. Construction will utilize local stone and bamboo, and employ only local laborers and artisans.

The library’s solar-paneled roof will generate enough electricity to fuel several buildings on the campus. Upon its completion, this library will stand as a celebrated monument build by Malawians with Malawian resources for the benefit of their country and continent.