Health is at the root of our history and continues to be central to our vision for the future.

Without access to healthcare, Malawians will continue to suffer from curable illness and disease, preventing them from reaching their full potential as death tolls continue to rise.

Begun as an initiative to expand medical services and reach communities in remote areas, we grew to establish a permanent hospital campus for medical care that opened in 2008 and continues to grow today.

OUR GOAL: Expand our hospital to serve more patients and families, offer highly needed specialized care, and recruit and retain quality medical professionals.

We are expanding with a new building that will include 500 additional beds and defined wards for specialized treatment.

We plan to provide poor families with care free of charge, offset by a private ward for patients willing and able to pay for treatment.

Beyond our impact in the capital region of Lilongwe, we will increase the quality of care nationwide through regional hubs in the North and South that are linked to the central hospital.

By expanding our current hospital, we can offer more and better care for local residents. As we train medical students and expand specialty practice, we will strengthen health systems to ensure that all hospitals in Malawi can be filled with qualified local professionals.

Daeyang Luke Hospital

With the contruction of the 200-bed Daeyeng Luke hospital in 2008, we transformed healthcare options in Malawi. Using the most modern technological and hygienic standards, the hospital offers fully equipped surgical wards, advanced radiology labs, and state of the art laboratory equipment.