Volunteer Task Force Takes Charge

Thoughts and Reflections from Teresa Huang, Office of Development and Partnerships

In March, the Miracle for Africa Foundation launched a review of inventory for its Daeyang Luke Hospital. Happily, this came on the heels of a recent medical donation from the Medical Benevolence Foundation, resulting from our partnership. Our shelves were well stocked!

But as we went through this process, one question came to my mind. Do we know what our supplies and equipment priorities are?

In a resource-poor context like Malawi, all hospitals are working hard to provide quality healthcare to the growing population. But in the process, basic items like hospital beds and important equipment break down. To focus our energies and prioritize replacements, we formed a volunteer task force.

Our 20 volunteers included head nurses, hospital attendants, medical technicians, administrative staff and some friends who were visiting. This was a big job, and I was so happy to have all hands on deck. We started with a full briefing and distribution of supplies and paperwork to help teams move quickly through their tasks.

What did our volunteer team achieve?

  • We recorded and labeled more than 2000 items across all departments. The next step is a recount to record and label missed items!
  • Each department filled out a survey, identifying greatest needs and accomplishments.
  • Specific requests for new items, like nebulizer and suction machines that are often shared between teams, were recorded. We are hopeful that a new equipment donor will generously supply them!

More than that, we benefited from the camaraderie of this shared activity. I want to share as well how deeply impressed I was by our thoughtful and concerned staff. This task was not part of their responsibilities but they understood its importance. They also seemed to genuinely appreciate the opportunity to participate in making the hospital better.

Thank you to all the volunteers and staff who helped advise our office on how to conduct this activity, and for all of you who joined us in this task force! We will continue to work hard to help develop more partnerships to mobilize resources for Malawi and Daeyang Luke Hospital.